A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

2/12/17 - I added a new version with many features including 0 players (AI only mode).

The controls are WASD and 'H'/'J' for west coast. Arrow keys and '[',']' (or '0','.') for the east coast. The two buttons are confirm and cancel.

I made a co-op FF style battle with the Giant Bomb crew. You battle a monster simultaneously with another group. It's west coast versus east coast. The group who deals the most damage wins. It is a best of three rounds.

I spent 2 days learning Unity3D, a couple of days drawing the art after work and 1.5 days programming it. The controls are fixed and can't be changed. I didn't have time to learn to get inputs from a controller. I spent an additional week adding features.

I included builds for Windows and Mac. I hope you all enjoy playing it.

Install instructions

It should be self-contained zip file. Extract the zip file. The Windows version is two files and the Mac version is an "app". Check your volume settings as it may get loud.


GBROM4WindowsFinal.zip 12 MB
GBROM4MacFinal.zip 15 MB
GBROM4Windows.zip (old version) 11 MB
GBROM4Mac.zip (old version) 15 MB

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